The NC4SW beacon, pictured at the left, is a home-brew 3.5 watt CW transmitter built specifically for beacon service.

This transmitter design is a modification of the classic Universal QRP Transmitter first presented in
Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur (now out of print) and later enhanced by Wes Hayward, W7OZI, in an April, 2006, QST article.

Changes were made to accommodate parts currently available and to fit the transmitter into a 2.5 x 3.75 inch enclosure. A regulated 12v wall-wart supplies power

The printed circuit board was designed by Lyn, WA4GEH, who operates an identical beacon.

Keying is controlled by a PIC microprocessor running a progam written by Skip, NC4SW.
NC4SW/B operates at 28.265 MHz 24/7
WA4GEH/B operates at 28.251 MHz 24/7
Thanks for listening!
Did you hear my beacon? This is what it looks like...
You can see some spectrum analyzer screenshots